subsys presents: WorkPlaceWeather
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W o r k P l a c e W e a t h e r
s c r e e n s h o t s l i n k s

  • displays weather information (forecasts) in a WPS object icon  and object text
  • up to 3 objects with different settings (shows weather of different locations or days)
  • forecast  refresh with one doubleclick
  • uses WETTER.COM as forecast provider with Europe wide weather forecasts
  • use of WGET for solid and highly customizable internet connections
  • writes weather informations to log file (optional)
  • for OS/2 and eComStation
  • (free) Open Source (Rexx based)
Download WPW v0.4
Note: WPW requires an account at, which is only configurable in german language. Currently WPW manual is also available only in german.

WPW object and reference with forecast information in bubble help of eCenter

WPW object and shadow in eCenter of eCs 1.2 with forecast information in bubble help

Three WPW objects with forecast for different days

Three WPW objects with forecasts for different days

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With kind permission WorkPlaceWeather uses weather forecasts provided by:

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