subsys presents: BoulderDash/2
sponsored by BLUETOONS

B o u l d e r D a s h / 2 s c r e e n s h o t s

  • remake of the C64 gaming classic for OS/2 and eComStation
  • addictive game play, a mixture of brain teaser and dexterity game
  • PM interface
  • high-resolution graphics in TrueColor
  • sound
  • levels can be saved and loaded individuall (no limits in terms of order)
  • no time limit
  • level editor (under construction)
  • documentation in english in german (game self only in english)
  • freeware
Download BoulderDash/2 Preview v.06 ZIP archive

Download BoulderDash/2 Preview v.06 WPI archive

  Contact us via email to:
  • get the source code of BoulderDash/2 (Vispro/Rexx project)
    (currently under construction, please be patient)
  • translate the readme.txt to your language


BoulderDash/2 preview: LucasQuest

BoulderDash/2 - LucasQuest  (preview 0.3)

BoulderDash/2 preview: Labyrinth

BoulderDash/2 - Labyrinth (preview 0.3)

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