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e C a l c s c r e e n s h o t s l i n k s

  eCalc 2.0 - features
  • advanced calculator for OS/2 and eComStation
  • drag and drop enabled PM interface,
  • entry field and separate result field
    (realtime calculations during input)
  • autoclip option - automatic copy of result to clipboard
  • expressions
    (Rexx enabled, extensible with external programs)
  • order of operations just like in scientific calculators
  • user definable output digits count and delimiter format
  • support of 'Rexx Math Function Package' by Patrick J. Mueller
    (included in download archive)
  • optional 'floating on top' window
  • optional 'hide keyboard' function
  • adjustable fonts, colors and size
  • National Language Support
    currently available languages: english, dutch, german, french,
    spanish, swedish
  • freeware
Download eCalc v 2.0 preview 3.1

  Contact us via email to:
  • get the source code of eCalc (Vispro/Rexx project)
  • translate the program and the readme.txt to your language


eCalc main window

  eCalc main window (eCalc v2.00 pre2)

eCalc is using the following modules:

OS/2 2.0 Rexx Math Function Package
by Patrick J. Mueller
(c) IBM Corp. 1992
Download from

OS2apirx - OS/2 API for Rexx
Version 03. Apr 2003
(c) Carsten Arnold

These modules are included in the eCalc download archive.

Other freely available calculators:

(formerly pmCalc)
advanced and fullfeatured scientific calculator
Download from Martin Viereggs Website
note: latest OS2/eCs version is free

lightweight calculator with some special features like  printable tape and a memory register
Download from Herwig Bauernfeinds Webspace


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