subsys presents: ePDF

sponsored by BLUETOONS

e P D F  a n d  a d d o n s s c r e e n s h o t s r e l a t e d  s t u f f

  • for OS/2 and eComStation
  • PostScript to PDF conversion with GhostScript
  • management for different distiller profiles
  • printer redirection with PrintMon PS
  • editable PDF document informations
  • history lists for document informations
  • drag and drop enabled PM interface
  • automatic file name generation
  • autorun mode via parameter
  • optimization / linearization
  • support for bookmarks, build in preprocessor to work with simple bookmark lists in text format
  • different PDF startup options
  • support for text-based watermarks
  • (free) emailware
  • ePDF/GhostScript PDF vs. PDF-Export on OpenOffice:
    Compare the features here
Download ePDF 1.0
Download ePDF 2b18
Download Update to ePDF 2b23
- req. an installed version 2b18 or higher

Download quePDF v1.03
- a queue processor that manages the pipe between an application and ePDF, replacement for 'Printmon PS'
- special features for Maul DTP users.

read more about quePDF...


Download example PDF
 -draft of ePDF reference manual v1.0,
(convienient to ePDF version 2b18)

  GhostPDF printer driver
  • based on IBM generic PostScript driver and GhostPDF.ppd
  • resolutions from 72 to 4000dpi
  • page sizes up to Iso A1
- under construction -

  ePDF print subsystem for Maul:

  • module for bookmark file creation from the excellent "Maul Desktop Publisher"  by Maison Anglais
  • req. installed Maul version 2.26 and ePDF 2b8 or higher
Note: this module is part of Maul DTP 2.26 and higher and not longer available from subsys website.

Visit Maison Anglais - Home of Maul  Desktop Publisher
- Demo version of Maul available! -

ePDF main window

main window (ePDF v2b9.6)

ePDF setup dialog: pdf startup options

pdf startup options (ePDF v2b9.6)

ePDF setup dialog: distiller profile

distiller options, profile (ePDF v2b9.6)

Click on the thumbnails to view the screenshots in original size.

Download GhostScript and GhostView

Download Acrobat Reader/2 v 3.0
(last native Reader from Adobe)

Download InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Acrobat Reader
(to execute the WIN32 version of Acrobat Reader 4.05 under OS/2 and eCs)

Download FIXPDF
(PDF colorspace ERROR patch)
(recommended if you use Acrobat Reader 3.0)

Download eRedMan
(a comfortable printer redirection manager by Herwig Bauernfeind )

Download PDFMerge/2
(a  tool to merge PDF and PostScript files)

Download Multivalent PDF Tools
(PDF tools written in Java, OS/2 compatible)

Download HTMLDOC
(converts HTML to PS or PDF, by Alexander Mai)

Download HTMLtoPDF
(a front-end for HTMLDOC by Don Eitner)

Download Adobe PS printer driver 3.12
(recommended to use in WinOS/2)


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