ePDF/GhostScript PDF vs. PDF-Export on OpenOffice

Feature ePDF/GhostScript OpenOffice PDF Export
User definable document informations yes (in ePDF during printing) yes (in source document settings)
bookmarks yes no
encryption yes no
distiller pre-setups ebook, screen, printer, prepress, default screen, printer, prepress
distiller profile management yes no
customizable resolutions yes no
web and size optimized PDFs yes no
customizable font embedding yes no
embedding of PS fonts yes yes
embedding of TrueType fonts no yes
customizable PDF startup options:    
 PDF zoom, fullscreen etc. yes no
 PDF start page yes no
support of watermarks yes no
additional notes: - needs installation of EMX, GostScript, PS printer driver, and ePDF itself + automatically installed with OpenOffice
  + universal solution, works with all applications which are able to print - works from OpenOffice only
  + PDFs displayable with Acrobat 3
(if PDF level = 1.2)
- PDFs only displayable in Acrobat 4 and higher
(because of hard coded PDF level 1.4)
  + page display of PDFs very fast
(up to 20x faster than OO distilled PDFs)
- page display of distilled PDFs inAcrobat Reader very slow

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