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e A c c o u n t s s c r e e n s h o t s l i n k s

  • account and password manager for OS/2 and eComStation
  • fast PM interface
  • data base encryption / decryption with one major password
  • secure encryption with Blowfish
  • management of accounts in categories
  • user definable labels for data base fields
  • include binary or text files in your data base via drag and drop
    (e.g. shareware key files)
  • CSV export
  • Multi Language Support (currently included language files: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish)
  • (free) emailware
Download eAccounts version 1.1

  Contact us via email to:
  • get the source code of eAccounts (Vispro/Rexx project)
  • translate the language file and the readme.txt to your language


eAccounts main window

main window (eAccounts v1.0GA)

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Encryption requires the additional module encrypt.dll from the BlowFish 1.63 archive. This file is not included in the download pack archive. Get it from Hobbes:

Download Blowfish

eAccounts is using the following modules:

RxBlFish -  Rexx interface to BlowFish
Version 09. Apr 2003
(c) Michal Necasek, Daniel Hellerstein

OS2apirx - OS/2 API for Rexx
Version 03. Apr 2003
(c) Carsten Arnold

These modules are included in the eAccounts download archive.

Don't know what eComstation is?

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